Upper Hutt Amateur Radio Club ZL2VH

2017 D-Star Newsletter Index

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  1. C iNodeDashboard get CPU status panel – John ZL2TWS
  2. SharkRF openSPOT introduced – Mike ZL2NSA
  3. SharkRF openSPOT Review – Mike ZL2NSA
  4. Hotspot updates. ZL2UDG on air for Eastern Hutt Valley – Malcolm ZL2UDF


  1. ZL2KB gets a gateway dashboard on Mt. Field 535 repeater.
  2. YSF on Mt. Field 680 repeater.
  3. MMDVM updates.


  1. ZL1AMK Whangarei high power hotpot using a DV mega GMSK modem.
  2. YSF MMDVM server.
  3. D-Star, DMR and YSF on Odroid C1, C2 and XU4 using VK4TUX manufactured MMDVM boards.
  4. ZL1HND selectable G2/G3 gateway on air in Hamilton.


  1. ZL1KLP MMDVM update report.


  1. MMDVM Updates.
  2. Dashboard hosting solution - Jeff ZL1TOB
  3. ZL1RLD Rotorua online.
  4. XLX626 and XLX870 New Zealand Reflectors on line.
  5. D-Star Nets update.


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