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2017 D-Star Newsletter Index

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  1. C iNodeDashboard get CPU status panel – John ZL2TWS
  2. SharkRF openSPOT introduced – Mike ZL2NSA
  3. SharkRF openSPOT Review – Mike ZL2NSA
  4. Hotspot updates. ZL2UDG on air for Eastern Hutt Valley – Malcolm ZL2UDF


  1. ZL2KB gets a gateway dashboard on Mt. Field 535 repeater.
  2. YSF on Mt. Field 680 repeater.
  3. MMDVM updates.


  1. ZL1AMK Whangarei high power hotpot using a DV mega GMSK modem.
  2. YSF MMDVM server.
  3. D-Star, DMR and YSF on Odroid C1, C2 and XU4 using VK4TUX manufactured MMDVM boards.
  4. ZL1HND selectable G2/G3 gateway on air in Hamilton.


  1. ZL1KLP MMDVM update report.


  1. MMDVM Updates.
  2. Dashboard hosting solution - Jeff ZL1TOB
  3. ZL1RLD Rotorua online.
  4. XLX626 and XLX870 New Zealand Reflectors on line.
  5. D-Star Nets update.


  1. D-Star National System online as 626.nz
  2. ZL3TJH Cashmere hills hotspot back on air.
  3. ZL2AUS High power VHF hotspot on air in Levin.
  4. DV4mini DExtra host file update How-To.
  5. YSF reflector on air in Hastings on 626.nz
  6. MMDVM update.


  1. New devices this month.
  2. DTMF control operations - How-To.
  3. ZL2JIM Nelson MVmega radio hotspot on air.
  4. ZL3AFC Nelson openSPOT on air.
  5. D-Star national system facebook page launched.
  6. ZL2VH YSF Reflector is launched.
  7. MMDVM D-Star lockout problem discovered.
  8. G2 / G3 explained by Jim K6JM.


  1. Te Puke ZL1IBD back on air and now ircDDB / G3.
  2. ZL4WPS Greymouth High power VHF UDRC hotspot on air.
  3. ZL2VH YSF - MMDVM - How-To example.
  4. MMDVM - Where to purchase.


  1. ZL2VH Server back on line for DVAP, Dongle and Hotspot use.
  2. Hotspot and Gateway Repeater active watch Updates - Dashboard hosting.


  1. ZL2VH Mount Climie 5GHz WiFi link restored to service.
  2. Hotspot and Gateway Repeater active watch Updates - Dashboard hosting current IP list.
  3. DDNS call sign host convention offered by Jeff ZL1TOB and John ZL2TWS


  1. ZL2VH-YSF and ZL2VH-MCL System Fusion Hotspot update.