Upper Hutt Amateur Radio Club

Our Repeaters

Our repeater hut on Mt. Climie, photographed in 2007

Branch 63 owns, operates and maintains a large number of repeaters, which are situated on Mt Climie Track in Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

Of these, our 730 repeater has IRLP Node #6713 on it and provides excellent FM voice coverage throughout the lower North Island. Please note that 730's IRLP node number has changed (formerly 6931). 730 is being worked by stations in Blenheim, Nelson, Masterton and Taranaki. A few times in the past, propagation conditions have been such that Australia has worked through 730 along with regular Christchurch and Auckland contacts being reported.

We are very proud to operate two D-Star repeaters, '5425' and '860' which have proved to provide excellent coverage throughout the valley. Find out which repeaters cover your area using our coverage maps.


Name TX MHz Split Repeater Hardware Antenna Power Mode(s)
395 6 m 53.95 MHz -1 MHz Split GE Mastr II ½ wave folded dipole 70 W FM voice only
730 2 m 147.3 MHz +600 KHz Split Tait 800 series Hi-Tec FDE3-SA Omni 3 dBd 45 W FM voice only
D-Star 5425 2 m 145.425 MHz -600 KHz Split ID-RP2000V Single dipole 25 W DV & DD
D-Star 860 70 cm 438.6 MHz -5 MHz Split ID-RP4000V Single dipole 25 W DV & DD
1292 23 cm 1292 MHz -20 MHz Split Tait IF + Minikits EME72B RPT Vertical 6 dBd Coaxial Collinear 12 W FM voice only

Repeater Resources


395 6 metre DX Repeater

730 2 metre FM Voice Repeater

5425 2 metre D-Star Repeater

860 70 cm D-Star Repeater

1292 23 cm FM Voice Repeater